Digital Printing

nhs11-200x135Large format Digital printing is an excellent way to display your full colour images, these can easily be put onto a number of substrates.

Due to the way the printers put inks onto the substrate, gives a cost effective way to produce large scale prints in low quantities, and there is relatively little set up when compared to more traditional methods such as screen printing. Digital printing can be done onto Banners, Vinyl, one way Window Display Material, and even to large rigid substrates such as composite aluminium and PVC.
digital2-200x135The GERBER SOLARA UV2 is a is a highly versatile large format UV hybrid inkjet that accommodates a variety of materials up to 60” wide and 1/2″ thick. The SOLARA is ideal for durable outdoor/indoor signs, point-of-purchase displays, banners, and back-lit signage, producing prints that are instantly dry and ready for use. Includes a rapid material thickness adjustment system allowing the user quick and easy changeover from rigid to roll materials.

The CJ500 and FJ52 Roland machines has vastly expanded our creativity and productivity in digital printing and cutting. This unites photographic print quality with full-contour high-precision cutting. Specialized labels, signs, packaging or decals can be printed with remarkable quality, and then cut to any size or shape you choose.

digital1-200x135You can even produce a large size point-of-purchase display in one seamless process. The possibilities are infinite with one machine that delivers everything from attention getting floor graphics to window displays to billboards.

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