Illuminated Signs

As the name suggests, this refers to signage which can be illuminated by a number of methods.

seven-6-copy1A light box is usually the most economical way of providing an internally illuminated sign, but there are a variety of options which can increase the impact of the sign, for example, illuminating the background creating a silhouette around the letters or alternatively mounting letters onto an opaque background which would have the opposite effect.

Halo illumination, is achieved by manufacturing letters with opaque fronts and returns, but with clear or translucent backs. Halo letters provide more discreet lighting than is achieved with normal internally illuminated signage.

Internally Illuminated Letters – Neon tubing, or more recently LED lighting, is usually completely enclosed by the structure of the letter, which can be fabricated from aluminium, stainless steel or acrylic and can be mounted to the background panel or direct to the building.

As an alternative, signage can also be externally illuminated from above or below by use of trough lighting or individual spot lights in various styles and colours.

External Signs

bfIlluminated Box Signs – these are three-dimensional signs which are internally illuminated. The construction consists of an aluminium casing, displaying a face panel in either acrylic or aluminium.

Panel Signs – These consist of flat panels which may be made from a variety of materials, typically aluminium or aluminium composite which can be flat fixed or formed with a 3D return or manufactured in a variety of plastics, housed within aluminium frames ready for decoration with vinyl text or digital print.

Flexible Faced Signs – This method is mainly used to cover large areas without the need for jointing. Consisting of flexible PVC face tensioned over aluminium framework.

Individual Letters and Logos– Fabricated from aluminium, stainless steel or acrylics and can be flat or built up in 3D and can be internally or externally illuminated.

Internal Signs

display signsThere are many different Internal signs to be seen, ranging from simple nameplates on an office door to large spectaculars to give impact at a reception desk. in fact any sign can be placed inside to create visual impact.

More commonly internal signs are used to direct visitors or to give information such as a directory of services or tenants, but this is by no means the extent of the internal signs use.

The simplest of signs can be brought to life by clever use of fixing methods and materials. With a little imagination an internal sign can have the same impact as an external sign.


Freestanding Signs

free standing signsFree Standing Signs: This the name given to self supporting signs that usually stand in front of premises, forecourts or on a landscaped area. They can be manufactured in several ways but are most commonly made in a Totem or Post and Panel style, usually double-sided, and mounted directly on the ground.

They may support a single message, such as the brand name of a single organisation, or consist of a directory of a number of different companies or departments, mounted one above the other.

Free Standing Signs are also commonly used for way-finding and as a welcome to your business or organisation.


Display Signs

display signsDisplay-There are many forms of display signage, some of the more common solutions for display are:

Banner Stands– Often referred to as roller banners, pull-ups, roll-ups or even pop-ups.

Display Plinths
– These multifunctional display plinths and counters are an ideal solution for use in reception areas, exhibitions, trade shows etc.

Display Cases – Internally illuminated to show your images off to maximum effect. With many styles from floor standing units with built-in literature racks, double-sided tower lightboxes and wall mounted snap-frame lightboxes.

Literature Stands
– Choose from portable brochure holders which are ideal for exhibitions, permanent literature racks for free standing or wall mounted use, ie receptions, museums, showrooms or acrylic literature holders for counters or desktop use.

Pavement Signs – Ideal for advertising or promoting new products, special offers etc. our large selection of swing signs, sandwich boards, large forecourt displays, chalk boards, poster and pavement signs are very competitively priced to suit all budgets. If required we can also apply graphics to signs and/or print and insert posters for you.

Poster Frames – Options for poster displays are endless, so we have assembled a selection of easy to use snap aluminium poster frames and hanging rails which are designed to support a range of printable media.

PVC Banners
– Banners are one of the most versatile and cost effective forms to promote or advertise your message to your audience. PVC Banners are normally supplied hemmed and eyeletted for exterior use and are easily affixed with cable-ties or rope etc. We have various different banner materials including frontlit regular and premium & mesh.

Signs and Hoardings – Large format digitally printed hoarding panels and signs are an ideal way to promote your development. Printed in-house using state-of-the-art equipment huge full colour graphics can be produced. To enhance and protect the graphics laminate can also be applied.

Window Graphics – Full colour or etch effect window graphics designed, printed and fitted by skilled professionals. Window graphics are a cost-effective form of advertising and brand awareness that delivers your message 24 hours a day.

Way Finding Signs

way finding signsThe purpose of a wayfinding system is to guide visitors to and from their destination via easily understood and visible signage.

An Effective wayfinding systems considers all of the stages of a first-time visitor’s journey and will have several elements which work together to direct visitors to their destination following the best route.  There is a science to delivering effective Way Finding signage

Digital Print

digital printVinyl graphics and custom vinyl lettering are flexible and affordable options for communicating a variety of messages in a bold and professional way. Virtually any smooth surface can be given a professional look and feel by applying vinyl graphics and/or custom vinyl lettering. They are easy to install, long lasting, and look great.

There are hundreds of uses for vinyl graphics! They are commonly used in Vehicle Livery, Fascia Signs, Window Graphics, Internal directory signs, Office plaques, Namplates. They produce a crisp clean detail and as the vinyl technology develops are available in a mind numbing variety of colours and effects.
plastics. The faces may be cut from flat sheets of plastic or may be moulded to add interest.