As the name suggests, this refers to signage which can be illuminated by a number of methods.

seven-6-copy1A light box is usually the most economical way of providing an internally illuminated sign, but there are a variety of options which can increase the impact of the sign, for example, illuminating the background creating a silhouette around the letters or alternatively mounting letters onto an opaque background which would have the opposite effect.

Halo illumination, is achieved by manufacturing letters with opaque fronts and returns, but with clear or translucent backs. Halo letters provide more discreet lighting than is achieved with normal internally illuminated signage.

Internally Illuminated Letters – Neon tubing, or more recently LED lighting, is usually completely enclosed by the structure of the letter, which can be fabricated from aluminium, stainless steel or acrylic and can be mounted to the background panel or direct to the building.

As an alternative, signage can also be externally illuminated from above or below by use of trough lighting or individual spot lights in various styles and colours.