Wall Graphics – When Opportunity Knocks Insign Answers!

Computer game producers could argue to know a thing or two about graphics and very obviously have both elevated expectations and an understanding of image quality. Armed with that understanding, video games maker Sumo Digital approached Insign with an idea, but not much hope of turning it into reality. What Sumo were looking for was […]

Insign Brand Go Outdoors’ 41st New Store

So far this year, Insign have simultaniously completed the manufacture and installation of signage for the latest of three large superstores for outdoor leisure retailer Go Outdoors, in Chester, Penrith and Poole, with more new stores on the horizon. These are the latest to open as part of their continued expansion. The new Poole store being […]

Digital Printing

Large format Digital printing is an excellent way to display your full colour images, these can easily be put onto a number of substrates. Due to the way the printers put inks onto the substrate, gives a cost effective way to produce large scale prints in low quantities, and there is relatively little set up […]